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Creating positive environments where a Growth Mindset and The Perseverance to Succeed is encouraged by both coaches and players.

By Creating Teams with no Youth Soccer Club affiliations players can play with players from all youth soccer clubs.


We acknowledge the influence the coach has on the players' experience of training and how the interaction between the players affects that experience; These psychological responses translate into positive and negative actions within games.

Developing positive attitudes towards training and helping players in their emotional control in a competitive environment are important for success.

Developing Creative Players - Technical development is of highest priority. Good ball control and ball manipulation brings with it confidence to be on the ball.

Repetition of skill is important for good habits to be formed, with emphasis placed on:

Individual Creativity, Passing & receiving, Movement


Development of a players’ awareness is as important as technical competency.

The ability to stay focused throughout the game can often be the difference between scoring and conceding goals. Players who ‘switch-off’ are unaware of their surroundings.

For our players to be able to adapt to changing situations throughout games they must be exposed to a range of drills and games in their training.


The development of tactical understanding will be a process of guided discovery – Learning Through Play.

Session topics are introduced, and players are guided to an understanding throughout their play. Players must be free to try what they're learning, be given enough opportunities to practice the skill and further-more to be challenged at real game speed.


We want to unify how our players approach, communicate throughout and analyze game situations.

SoCal Futsal Club LLC

Est. 2019